The Beneficent Beaming Multi Stalk-Eyed Watcher’s latest Bulletin is here!

This Watcher is reviewing the new holograph released by Universal Homosapien Holos called, “Apocalypse: The Revelation”. This is a redundant title since my linguelator said that the word ‘apocalypse’ originally meant ‘revelation’ in early Earth/Englishe to begin with. Right away we realize the story is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, (a small planet in the Sol star system of the strangely named Milky Way galaxy). Some of the main human characters who live there always wear facemasks covering their one nose and one mouth. They keep well distanced from other humans because of a viral pandemic that has infected millions as the story opens. Others still will not wear face masks, even though it has already been an Earth Sol year of profound loss of life and lifestyles due to this contagion that spreads through their unique respiratory systems. The Us vs. Them mentality is played out in increasingly unbelievable (to this multi eye-stalk viewer) ways as the interpersonal stories unfold. This mentality is how most all humanoid endeavors seem destined to evolve.

The Maskers vs. Non-Maskers are further subjected to world chaos. The main characters dwell in a country, (a geographical demographic unit) called a Meriky, which was apparently was once regarded as a planetary leader through its abundant natural resources and the ingenuity of its beings. Now the entire planet they inhabit is in the throes of violent climatic disruptions. Human ingenuity turns to misusing native materials which leads to rampant greed, power domination, and weapons of mass destruction. This trend serves to destroy the very basis for their wealth. Besides suffering from plagues, colossal storms wreak havoc through floods, droughts, raging wildfires and drowning landmasses by rising oceans. The life sustaining systems of water and air quality are disrupted further affecting food and health services for all citizens. Given the embedded global hostilities of Us vs. Them, nothing is being done to curb the continuing damage.

The final intense plot twist involves the upcoming choice to challenge the current ruling leadership in this country a Meriky. The so-called “President” is a caricature of a maniacal dictator who employs fear-inducing propaganda to whip up his minority of frenzied followers. The Founding Fathers of this young nation wrote beautifully worded ideals into documents that were intended to form the basis of a just and noble working “democratic” form of governance. The current “President” has the backing of his political cronies to subvert these high-minded intentions into false stories reinterpreted to support their elite narrow power base. His opponents seem somehow largely well-meaning but ineffectual. Though extreme emotional distress was well portrayed by the human actors, there is nothing especially new presented here in the violent world of homo sapiens.

A sub theme involves both Maskers and Non-Maskers being caught in the ridiculous illusion that the skin color of human beings is some defining marker to designate inclusion or disenfranchisement in their world! All of the many cracks in the foundation of this one immature government of a Meriky are proving to be fatal and the holograph includes Earth history to show how this came to be. Historical references scattered throughout the dialogue mentioned the “fall of Rome” (apparently some earlier colonizing empire), and the “Third Reich” (another recently failed government of an Earth country) that copied hypocritical racially biased laws of a Meriky to justify the genocide they intended during their own attempt at world domination. The insertion of such obscure facts made it more difficult to wade through the usual romantic emotion-driven humanoid love stories that occur between characters on both sides of the hostilities. These romantic connections always seem to lead to confusingly fraught mating rituals.

That said, I honestly have not finished watching the display all the way to the end. The main theme depicting the repetitive hopelessness of the human condition was all too clear. Given what we know of the cyclical nature of the universe, this is neither a new theme nor a true revelation.

However, I am pleased to note that actual seeds of hope were planted inside the human heroes and heroines as we track their shining determination to find others with the integrity, compassion, and strength to take appropriate actions to bring positive change for themselves and their crumbling world. As admittedly alien as I am to processing the irrational emotions of this scenario, I still find myself cheering for fallible humanity just the same. How will it all end? Or how will it all begin again? Cycling universal patterns remains one more intriguing mystery for all sentient beings to contemplate. I will update this bulletin when I revisit the holograph’s conclusion and by then perhaps there will be a wonderful surprise sequel of true revelation.

For now, I began watching a new hit display called, The Potential Existence of Wormhole Fire Eruptions in Zxgyx*{Gx, another recent release by Universal Homosapien Holos. Interestingly, it stars a variety of famous intergalactic performers playing bi-pedal two-eyed human beings. I know that we all look forward to sharing that unique experience.

To conclude, I welcome your own reviews of Apocalypse: The Revelation, especially those from other star systems who have followed this particular sweep of Earth’s history to the end. I may not agree with your perspectives on this obscure planet, but I’d love to beneficently beam ideas with you.

Until next time, dispatched by yours truly,

The Beneficent Beaming Multi Stalk-Eyed Watcher

4 thoughts on “An Alien Perspective

  1. Dear Watcher, Thank you for your bulletin and analysis of the earth situation. I have been unable to interpret what’s going on there until your insightful report. With much love & appreciation from your neighboring planet Zorbot


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