8/25/20 For all of my dear friends in California

They just heard

their house was spared

others still do not know

down the mountain

even the city is threatened

ashes ashes ashes

another lightning storm

a shift of the wind

What would you choose

to save at a moment’s notice?

2 thoughts on “Fire

  1. True! Although I would grab my computer with much of my writing, a few precious items my husband left me, and what about those paintings by my four grandparents, irreplaceable, yet not necessary to continue living….they are all only objects but invested with old loves and memories that no one else alive could affirm. The Buddhist saying, “that cup is already broken” reinforces the idea that all is change and temporary. Ultimately, everything passes, but it is our dear human nature to have touchstones of Love. Such losses may be symbolic but are heart wrenching to endure as we grow into the possibilities of new life.


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