Diary 4/9/20

Snowy rain fell all morning, melting within minutes of contact on grass or road. A chilly dreary spring day after brilliant sunshine yesterday. Then I gazed at a thousand bees in the flowering tree. Today streaks of sunshine are embodied by goldfinches at my bird feeder. Sweet greedy little creatures fussing at the larger sparrows and the other males for their grip on a perch. I am awaiting to tune into the Buddhist meditation group by zoom, my new daily ritual during the week. I am so glad to share this hour with others in silence.

The above image is waves on a Kendal pond by my friend, Rebecca Cardozo

The following poem came about as I noticed how closely all three religions of Abraham’s descendants were celebrating their holy days of Passover, Easter, and Ramadan. It moved me to include the very Buddhist metta invocations beginning with “May all beings…” as well. Each verse includes specific references to the individual holy day.s

Last Night

                        Judi Bachrach

We were glad the Angel of Death

did not come to our door

we came together asking why?

we remembered ancient oppression and freedom

Are we still oppressed?

Are we free?

May all beings be free.

This Sunday

we will awake at sunrise

Light resurrected

once more from dark

the manifold paths of

Love and Compassion

embrace mortality

May all beings awaken.

In thirteen days

we will maintain our fast

remembering the Source

remembering those less fortunate

small sacrifices of gratitude

we share with those we love

May all beings be nourished in body and soul.

Ancestors of Abraham’s children

knew death and renewal

of every season

rituals, sacrifices, celebrations

cracking open the egg

May all beings inhabit fully the Mystery of Life.

4 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Great pic J [of you but of the pond too]. Looking real goooooood. And what does selah mean to you? I’ve heard a dozen ‘meanings’.
    Well it sure does not take a lot to turn you into a philosopher par exellence. But I guess these doins are giving us all such an opportunity. C & I and the pooch have been much more economical about our trips to food shopping [stocking up for longer stretches], but given our locale not much else has changed. Well, we have had to wean ourselves from being glued to the tube for far more time than is needed to get essential news. And we have to remember to be ‘carefully’ friendly with our ‘weekender’ neighbors who seem to be MUCH more in evidence these days. Peaceful holidays to you dear friend.


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