4/1/20 The Marketplace

                        By Judi Bachrach

If you are selling Fear

I am not buying

You shout to me,” Are you crazy?

Look around you, are you blind?”

The worst could happen

though I am careful, proactive

but it is not happening to me


I am not dwelling

in the future

I will face whatever I must

as I must

and trust

that I will not shut down

that I am more loving than Fear

Love is safer, sometimes sadder

but I am more connected


to you

my dear ones

you know

Death always walks beside us in the marketplace

The following is a quote from my friend Bonnie Gintis’ latest blog, and you can click the link below to read the entire piece. She has been an osteopathic healer to my family, is my friend, and an inspiration to follow as she gracefully dances her life with cancer. I highly recommend her blog.

“The fundamental basis of health is not the absence of disease, but the ability to adapt, and find ways to respond and adjust to whatever challenges we experience. Whether it is cancer, a paper cut, or disappointment, the body finds ways to repair itself as best it can, and then adapt to the new state of things. Health is not an object or a destination we will get to someday when the pandemic ends and things calm down. Being healthy is a work-in-progress, an on-going innovative, creative, adaptive process.”

Radical Embodiment In The Time of Covid-19

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