Diary 3/23/20  A Pandemical Day in the Neighborhood Series

by Judi Bachrach

                       For Mr. Rogers

It all comes down to fear

of the Ultimate fear

along the way

no food

no shelter

no rank in the herd

no breath

loss of any or all of the above

action based survival

nobody can fix

that Life is the way it is

for you

or anybody you love or not

believe it or not

compassion is all we can be

won’t you be my neighbor?

Dairy 3/24/20

It’s a Pandemical Day in the Neighborhood

            By Judi Bachrach

  (for Mr. Rogers)

Standing 6 feet away

I think of you all

near and far

my neighbors

at home

working or playing

Perhaps now there is time

more time than we remembered

to be

a neighbor

won’t you be mine?

Diary 3/25/20

Pandemical Day in the Neighborhood

            By Judi Bachrach        

            (for Mr. Rogers)

The line at the dispensary

Respectful 6 feet apart

Allowing 5 people inside at a time

“Yeah, my left arm is numb

Inoperable cyst on my spinal cord…”

“PTSD.” Mumbled reply, “thank you for your service…”

“My son just got laid off yesterday

I guess liquor stores are now non-essential.”

Chuckles all around

“At least the governor was proactive.”

Silence. This is conservative Ohio

Nobody mentions the president.

My turn  

I am delighted I could get enough tincture

to last me until September

Back in the Care Center

I shed my mask and gloves

wipe down my rollator

put that coat and those shoes away

My home neighborhood serenades me

through my open window

Singing my own newly minted words to me

Guess the tune to this one….

I’ve been working in my own room

all the live long day.

I’ve been working in my own room

just to pass the time away.

Keeping Kendal well protected

Rise up so early in the morn

Keeping Kendal well protected

Let’s all blow our horn.

Keeping Kendal safe

Keeping Kendal safe 

Blowing our own hoooorn—

Keeping Kendal safe

Keeping Kendal safe

Blowing our own horn.      

Someone’s in the kitchen at Kendal      

Staff is still working I knoooow –

People who are working at Kendal    

Keep the new status quo.

And we thank you

Fee fi fiddly i-o         

fee fi fiddly i-o-o-o-oo

fee fi fiddly i-o

Keeping the new status quo.

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