I sang this song last night at our Song Swap gathering and had everyone join in the repeated chorus. It hit the right note amidst all the other love songs, silly and serious, that we vocalized together.

My February Song            1/22/20 Judi Bachrach

February is the month you had to leave me

When my heart is held within the hand of memories

Then March lions chase the cold

New lambs cry in the fold


Every year, Every year,

Every year creates new seasons for my life

April drenches me with pouring rain and sun

May flowers born of hope rise up in everyone

June, July and August

Summer blesses each of us


September burns to colors of the molting Earth

October catches leaves for her great rebirth

November calls me home,

giving thanks for everyone


December takes me into the darkest night

January starts a new year in returning light

February comes again,

with a day for love and then


And so it is the eve of February 14th and tomorrow is the anniversary of Richard’s death. I will go to my older daughter’s home with her husband and the baby to eat sushi and chocolate chip mint ice cream in his honor. We will communicate via cyberspace with my younger daughter and touch our hearts and minds together. Feels just right. Tonight I open to dreams all unknown, trusting in the love we share in or out of the body.

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. I am at a wedding on a boat off the west coast of Florida. I had sushi on 2/14 and dedicated some to Richard. It is amazing to be surrounded by young people in the name of love. I am so glad you gathered in the flesh and over cyber space for the bittersweet acknowledgment of love. Thanks for the song, with lots of love, Bonnie


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