Above is the download button you can press to see the original power point of a poem/slideshow I called Twone. You press on each slide on the left to move it along to display the next one on the screen. I worked with a new resident friend, Rebecca Cardozo, to create this piece which we presented to a Kendal audience in September. She is a like-minded-new friend, and a brilliant wildlife and landscape photographer. She has hundreds of stunning slides from her worldwide travels.

The music committee at Kendal came up with the theme of Tea for Two for this variety show. We were asked to share two people collaborations of all kinds. Ours was the above with me speaking the poem aloud as the slides went by. Of course, the rest of the offerings ran the gamut from four hands piano versions of Tea for Two, a tap dance, a Tango, stringed instruments duet, harmonica/guitar and harmonica/ autoharp duets, and more, all MC ‘d by our local Mad Hatter including repartee with Alice.

Below is both a shaky handheld iPhone video of the live performance and I also include the poem on its own. I borrowed the title from a dance choreographed and performed by my dear friends Johan Kos and Elizabeth Orwig, many years ago. I honor their work and could think of no better title for this new collaboration.



I lost my most intimate mirror

when my husband died.

Where will I find my reflection now?

Who will rest with me together upon the earth

when no words need be spoken?

Who will confront me

when I am at fault?

Who will be my forever companion?

Who will laugh at my sense of humor?

Who will play with me

like the time we slid down the wintry slope

in cardboard boxes

at midnight

in the moonlight ​?

Who will remember climbing our mountains

swimming our oceans in joyful awe?

Who remembers birthing lambs

from our flock of Icelandic sheep?

Who is milking the ewes

and making our favorite manchego cheese?

Who will grandfather

our first grandchild

to be born this coming December?

Beneath one sky

by day and by night

we are reaching for one another.

Who will celebrate with me

the astonishing


of scale and claw and hoof and feathers and atennae?

Who mourns with me as species after species disappear?

Now I find you everywhere.

The shortest distance between us

is no distance at all.

We are Twone.

8 thoughts on “Twone

  1. This is just heartbreakingly beautiful Judi.
    I love the image of you and Richard sharing a magical midnight sleigh run.
    Much Love, Val


  2. Judi, this was absolutely beautiful. The words and photographs were perfectly paired. I love the title “Twone” as well. Thank you so much for sharing this. You have enriched my day.


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