I am looking forward to the day when I no longer need to include my medical status to you, my friends and readers. Short and sweet- with my last MRI in hand, my second opinion surgeon immediately said that yes, surgery would relieve most of my pain. I was surprised and delighted to hear this. He can do MIS, minimally invasive surgery, with two small cuts on either side of my spine at the level of L4-5. He will fuse those vertebrae, likely with a metal cage. He warned me as he must, that it could fail, and that above and below the fusion other vertebrae would eventually be more challenged. But he also said I will be up and walking the next day as well as I do now without pain. It will not help the weakness I experience, and it will still take 3-6 months to heal from the surgery itself. Though it is no longer prominent at eight months out, I am still healing from the last surgery on my neck, which was far more invasive. The biggest question is of course: when? A certain baby boy is due around 12/20 and I want to be ready. The doctor already told me he is booked into November and I won’t see him again to schedule everything until the middle of October.

More surrender is involved and so is trusting that somehow it will all work out for the best for everybody concerned. May it be so, whatever the dates on the calendar tell us!

I have been pondering two wonderful quotes that came my way from friends. One is from the poet Hafiz, a Persian poet, who lived from 1310-1390. It says: “Love is simply creation’s greatest joy.”

I love this definition to recall any time my life gets complicated. It is that direct and that simple. It is a surefire antidote to confusion and unnecessary drama.

The other is one from the Dalai Lama, applicable to today and tomorrow as the days fly by tortured by politics. “The planet doesn’t need more successful people. The planet needs more peacemakers, restorers, healers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.”

I am confident that therein lies our hope as my grandson enters onto the world stage with millions of other new, young people ready to take the baton, running past us into the future we fervently hope they will save.

6 thoughts on “The Baton

  1. Hi Judi, I really needed to hear both of those quotes this morning; thank you so very much. I am glad you have a clear and confident surgeon. I am truly impressed with the advances in back surgeries, and surgery in general, in the past decade or so. I am so happy to hear that this procedure can bring you relief from pain. Keep me posted on the dates; it sounds like whenever it happens it will be a positive step. With much love, from where the leaves are beginning to change color, Elaine


  2. Thanks as always for your support. Yes, the leaves are turning here as well- though partly from stress due to a dry time. But it doesn’t smell like the northeast woodlands- different leaves. Kendal at Oberlin is designated as an arboretum so there are lots of trees as well as patches of native woodlands here and there. We have a courtyard garden kind of in the middle of this facility and they have just planted paw paw trees – I have always wanted to try one…J


  3. Hi Judi,
    I’ve been back home in Italy for 32 hours and just had the impulse to see if you’d posted lately. Just in time to read that you are going to have back surgery to relieve this insane pain. Yea that you persisted and found a surgeon who can do it. Now pray that you’ll have the surgery before grandson arrives…even though he will be born in the middle of your healing process. Since you can’t pick up and carry him, you may as well be sitting/reclining with him resting in your arms. love, Raechel


  4. Oh Dear Judi, I love that your surgeon is so relaxed with the procedures that they perform that they can call anything that involves cutting and going inside to alter the body, “minimally invasive.” But as Elaine says, it is amazing how far the technology and the people who perform the technological procedures have come. It sounds like it’s time to try and see if it can improve the quality for your life and mobility. Because LOVE is possible no matter what shape your body is in. “Love is simply creation’s greatest joy.” is all any of us need to remember. big hug, Bonnie


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