Today is Richard’s Birthday

Entering this day

through the womb

of his memory

is painful

as all births are

I draw my first breath

and another

and another

the day is manifestly


as every day is

were I to always

treasure breathing

on my own.

The day unfolded sweetly from the first thing in the morning poem above; with loving support from family and friends near and far. I am held and loved and swaddled in kindness. Gratitude for what is, nourishes and comforts me. I am truly blessed in both my sorrow and my community.

13 thoughts on “Richard’s Birthday

  1. Sending you my prayers and love on this special day, in Richard’s memory and for your blossoming life. 🙏💜


  2. Kindness to you, to all of us, today and always. Had the pleasure of connecting with your good friend Phyllis at a poetry reading on Sunday. We even got to dance together. She showed me a wonderful photo of you with her grandson in the crook of your arm with light shining in on both of you. “Richard” light, may he always shine, Love, Elaine


  3. A lovely poem, Judi, on this bittersweet day. My love and strength flows out to you.
    Hugs, my dear friend. Nat


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