It has been snowing lightly all day. Despite that, “April, come she will…” The daffodils will withstand this day and emerge as proof that tomorrow is the first day of April, no fooling.

Despite the slow nature of my recovery, my body is recovering. Some days I walk accumulatively about 3/4 of a mile. Some days I sit for two meetings, my my meditation group, and then dinner. Remembering my former life of consecutive actions filling a whole day is amazing to me. Today is not one of those days. After walking carefully on the well salted, but icy path to Quaker meeting and back, I am tired. I take my cues from my body for the need to move or to rest, and today is all about resting as the snow lazily drifts down.

The “Butterfly Dream” dance I mentioned in the last blog has gone through many iterations. The marketing folks at Kendal want to use the film for a promotional blog since it features me collaborating with an Oberlin dance student. Our intergenerational connections are important to residents here and that includes the children at the Early Learning Center down the hall. They, too, will be filmed chasing “bubbleflies.”

For the Kendal blog, I was asked to cut my piece down to three minutes. Then two minutes, then back to five again by the videographer. He said he would film the whole piece then edit it down to two minutes for the promo. He is really masterminding the film that will be shown at the Kendal Spring Fling event. He managed to get permission to use a gorgeous slow motion video of butterflies from the Cockrell Butterfly Museum in Houston that he can superimpose on us dancing. The last five minutes of Adagio for Strings will play as he plugs in the voice over of the parable prerecorded beautifully by my friend, and then he films us dancing. He will edit down the highlights for the two minute promo. In our many email exchanges he has been creative, inspired and very professional. I believe he will do a masterful job for both films.

Like the daffodils, this dance is my small plot of undaunted buds, ready to adapt to the changing weathers and emerge as colorful harbingers of spring.

9 thoughts on “Undaunted Daffodils

  1. Will you be able to share the film with those of us who are far away? I would love to see you and this project someday soon.
    I am so thrilled to know that you are exploring your new movement potential.
    Much love and undulating wings, Bonnie

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    1. Thanks Bonnie, I think there may be copyright issues for any posting to social media but at least the 2 minute version will be available on the Kendal bog site. I’ll post that URL when it comes to pass. Many happy returns of the undulations!

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  2. Psyched to see it! Is it not true that the Arts elicit the energy that compels us to LIVE, and propels us into new and exciting states of being! Soooooo good to hear of your healing and movement.


  3. “I take my cues from my body for the need to move or to rest, and today is all about resting as the snow lazily drifts down.” That is great advice for anyone and everyone!


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