Our Sky

by Judi Bachrach


Last night was the height

of the Pleides meteor shower.

How did it get to be almost fall?

By nine o’clock

Darkness covers the courtyard


we used to camp out

on the southeast side of the mountain

waking each other up to see

Handfuls of arcing lights

a breath

one, then more and more

on good years,

more than our spent wishes could follow.


We are so small

Our planet so large

Our planet so small

the cosmos so large

The vast unlimited Mind of God



Morning geese are

tracking their way

back through our sky

2 thoughts on “Our Sky

  1. oh judi,
    this is exquisite, and my eyes are filled– brimming, spilling over, my heart so moved by this poem, this pure expression of love, of wisdom.
    thank you. after waking from a difficult dream, this is a balm, and a reminder.



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